Neon lambo

Driving the maximum yield rates across $BTC, $ETH and Stablecoin platforms

What is is a simple, but powerful tool to make yield chasing far easier so you know where and how much crypto to deposit on individual services to earn the most yield. It is a free optimization website for you to find the greatest return on your crypto assets, whether thats Bitcoin, Eth or USDT or USDC.

What is a Yield Chaser?

A Yield Chaser is a person who spends time focused on maximizing their crypto yields. By keeping up on the latest interest rate changes, and tiers Yield Chaser are constantly balancing their crypto holding across different interest-bearing wallets and services.

Why chase yield?

By optimizing your interest/reward yields, you will earn the greatest return on your existing crypto. We believe crypto interest accounts are a killer feature for HODLers, as it's much easier to sit back in market volitatily knowing the quantity of coins you hold is growing.

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